If everyone takes care of everyone’s needs, everyone’s needs will be taken care of.

If everyone takes care of everyone’s needs, everyone’s needs will be taken care of.

This was one of the main instructions a group of us were given during a retreat about 10 years ago. I remember this so well because when we all embrace this principle and we each do our bit in taking care of the needs of the people around us life becomes much less of a struggle and much more fulfilling.

I really belief that one of the most empowering gifts you can share with the people you work and or live with is that of instilling the joy of giving and contribution in people’s heart.

A successful changemaker that is after lasting impact knows that getting people to set goals that serve more than just themselves is the fast route to getting people to feel empowered and fulfilled.

People feel fulfilled when they grow and evolve, and when they give and contribute.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

I’ve just returned a couple of days ago from spending two weeks in India. I was part of a team from the World Peace Flame Foundation and we were there creating a documentary on one of our humanitarian projects.

Every two months the local team in Gujarat organises medical camps in remote villages to give medical care to people who otherwise can’t afford to see a doctor and get the help they need.

Various doctors contribute to these medical camps by dedicating their time and teams and medicine all for free.

We interviewed the various doctors who were part of the medical camp we attended and as I got to know more about them I was blown away by how hard these people all work. They make incredible long days from early morning till late evening running their clinics and hospitals. They are full on all the time.

Still, they make time to volunteer and even get their teams to come to these medical camps and make a difference to the villagers who come to these camps by helping to restore their eyesight when they suffer from cataract even gifting people the eye operations to make that happen.

There were dentists, physiotherapist, general physicians and Ayurvedic specialists. All donating their time, equipment, treatments and medicine.

Both on and off camera we asked them why they volunteer? Why are they so engaged in service to these people in need?

All of them responded in a matter of fact way that it’s only natural to want to give back.

There was so much kindness coming from these doctors, from their assistants and from the team running the medical camp. There was genuine care for the 550 people who showed up to the camp to get medical support.

I noticed that these doctors were all joyful and cool people.

The local team that was running the camps went out of their way to welcoming us when we arrived, they fed us, they drove us around and did what they could to support us in our work. They invited us into their homes and made us delicious meals.

There was tremendous joy as they served us and I could notice how important it was for them that we were well taken care of.

Of course, we were also doing what we could to support them and help them with their needs wherever we could.

Friendships and connections were easily and quickly built and all of the four superpowers of a changemaker came into play.

Our own personal practices were giving us the power to show up with energy and engage in the best possible way.

We spoke and used the power of speech and storytelling to empower people, to build connection and help the team so that they can have more reach and grow.

Our work evolved around involving people and working together to build teams that do tremendous work.

Needless to say that these last two weeks were deeply fulfilling and empowering.

It is when these four powers of personal practice, speaking, involving people and contribution come together that creating change becomes potent and effective.

The team of doctors and those running the camps were using all four super powers too. And they were creating change. Just imagine, giving people back their sight. Now, there’s a lasting impact!

What is possible for you when you embrace these four super powers and put them into play into your life?

What is your highest aspiration as a changemaker and how can you best serve and contribute to the people around you?

Remember, give and you will receive.