What is it that we need to tap into to be able to be a leader that inspires positive change in the people around us and the world?

What is it that we need to tap into to be  able to be a leader that inspires positive change in the people around us and the world?

What are some of the key ingredients that help us create lasting impact?

In today’s blog we’ve arrived at the third of the changemaker’s four superpowers.

If you haven’t already I suggest you do read to the previous two posts. In those posts we explored the power of personal practice and the power of inspiring people through speaking.

Our personal practice is the key to becoming an attractive personality and a source of inspiration. And when we then share that inspiration through speaking we begin to attract more people to us.

And that’s where our third superpower comes into play, our ability to gather people around us by design and create community.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a therapist, a storyteller, a yoga teacher or anyone who is after creating positive change you’ll find that you’ll achieve your vision more effectively when you involve people.

Our capacity to enlist people’s support and enrolling them in our projects is one of the defining characteristics that will set us apart as a changemaker.

Through our personal practice we build the power to envision a compelling future for the people around us.

Through our personal practice we can build that energy and congruence that allows us to show up with a presence that instills trust.

Through our speech we can affect people minds as well as their hearts with inspiration and hope and help them feel part of a vision and purpose that transcends their individual self and makes them feel part of a bigger whole. Part of a wider community.

Our third super power is the power of creating connection. Connecting people with each other, with a bigger vision, and with taking action together to improve the world. Step by step.

It is also the power of you yourself deciding to be in the presence of those that will make you stronger and who will empower you.

I make sure that I don’t let more than 4-6 weeks pass without me spending physical time with a group of people that empower me and challenge me to up-level how I show up.

The power of association is not to be underestimated in how much it can help you achieve your dreams when you spend time around the right people.

This third super power is very much about our ability to create and maintain friendship.

Friendship with ourselves through our personal practice and friendship with others through our power of speech and skilful action.

Can you fall so much in love with creating friendship that you begin to wake up in the mornings not for your own sake but for others?

Mahatma Gandhi once said:

The golden way is to be friends with the world and to regard the whole human family as one.

Friendship and community are what will sustain your message and carry it forward.

It’s the power of many minds to create solutions and opportunities that you were unlikely to come to by yourself.

An African proverb says that if you want to go quick go alone, if you want to go far go together.

A terrible storm came into a town and local officials sent out an emergency warning that the riverbanks would soon overflow and flood the nearby homes. They ordered everyone in the town to evacuate immediately.

A faithful religious man heard the warning and decided to stay, saying to himself, “I will trust God and if I am in danger, then God will send a divine miracle to save me.”

The neighbors came by his house and said to him, “We’re leaving and there is room for you in our car, please come with us!” But the man declined. “I have faith that God will save me.”
As the man stood on his porch watching the water rise up the steps, a man in a canoe paddled by and called to him, “Hurry and come into my canoe, the waters are rising quickly!” But the man again said, “No thanks, God will save me.”

The floodwaters rose higher pouring water into his living room and the man had to retreat to the second floor. A police motorboat came by and saw him at the window. “We will come up and rescue you!” they shouted. But the man refused, waving them off saying, “Use your time to save someone else! I have faith that God will save me!”

The flood waters rose higher and higher and the man had to climb up to his rooftop.

A helicopter spotted him and dropped a rope ladder. A rescue officer came down the ladder and pleaded with the man, "Grab my hand and I will pull you up!" But the man STILL refused, folding his arms tightly to his body. “No thank you! God will save me!”
Shortly after, the house broke up and the floodwaters swept the man away and he drowned.

When in Heaven, the man stood before God and asked, “I put all of my faith in You. Why didn’t You come and save me?”

And God said, “Son, I sent you a warning. I sent you a car. I sent you a canoe. I sent you a motorboat. I sent you a helicopter. What more were you looking for?”

I love this story because it illustrates that it’s people who make the difference.

So, here’s an invitation in getting practical: start a mastermind group.

Pick a topic, identify at least 2 people that want to join and then meet. Ensure everyone benefits from the mastermind group - so perhaps you can set some ground rules and set expectations so that everyone involved contributes and speaks.

It may be helpful to have a little bit of a structure so here are three questions that I find useful that each participant can answer:

  • What’s the change you’re after?
  • How would you like to show-up in order to facilitate that change you’re after?
  • What Do You Need Help With?

Once the person has answered the questions the group can give their feedback.

Allocate a fix time for each participant depending on group size and go for it!

And, drop me a note to let me know your experiences.