The second superpower of a changemaker is about, talking to people. It is about inspiring people through speaking. It is about your ability to speak with power.

In my previous blog post we looked at the first of the four superpowers of a changemaker - the power of personal practice.

The second superpower of a changemaker is about, talking to people. It is about inspiring people through speaking. It is about your ability to speak with power.

Your personal practice helps you to build energy, and through the power of your words, you can share that energy.

I’m not referring here to just any kind of speech. That is not a super power. No,  your words have become your changemaker’s super power when they awaken, uplift, and enlighten both yourself and the people around you.

For your words to carry that kind of power it requires that you commit to unmasking your and other people’s illusions by committing to knowing truth. The truth of who and what you are.

And that’s where your daily personal practice comes in. To keep doing your practice, every day, of step by step awakening to who you are.

And to practice, every day, to speak with power from that place of insight and contribution to uplift the world around you.

Whenever something increases your experience of the Truth, it opens your Heart and quiets your mind. As a changemaker that’s an experience that who you are, and the use of your words, can facilitate.

One of the indicators that you’ve started to tap into this second superpower as a changemaker is that you always talk with an affirmative Yes! Today is a great day! Whatever people say, echo back in a positive affirmative way shifting perspective away from illusion to one of empowerment and inspiration.

That’s a superpower. Because words have power. They create realities.

When your words help others to come home to the essence of who they are you are using your super power.

In sanskrit there’s a beautiful word: satsang. Sat means truth and sangha means to be in the company of. Satsang is to be in the company of truth.

In my experience satsang can take many forms. It can mean being in the company of the enlightened ones, which is regarded in the vedic and yogic traditions as one of the most powerful ways to evolve spiritually.

It can take the form of a formal gathering of people listening to a teacher, or spending time with a group of like minded people sharing ideas and experiences, to even sipping a turmeric latte with friends and sharing what lives in our heart and our understanding of what is real.

The main things is that the exchange taking place brings us all closer to breathing easier and opening our hearts as we awaken to who we are.

There’s a Vedic story about two sages called Vishvamitra and Vasishtha who once had an argument.

Vishvamitra said to Vasishtha that tapas, or intense meditation on the Supreme Truth is greater than anything else in this world. Vasishta did not agree and said that that Satsanga – the company of truth  – was superior to Tapas.

Their argument continued for a while until they finally decided to approach the God Brahma to decide which was greater, Tapas or Satsang.

Brahma directed them to Shiva as he was not able to give them a proper answer.

Shiva referred them to Vishnu as he was not interested in this argument.

Vishnu in turn,  equally not interested in their argument directed them to Adi Sesha. Adi Sesha, was the thousand-headed snake on whom Vishnu reclines and he was ready to settle the argument.

As per Hindu tradition it is believed that Adi Sesha holds the weight of the earth on its thousand heads. So before settling the dispute, Adi Sesha said to them “Please ease the load of the earth from my head. Only then will I think and give an answer.”

They inquired how they can help in removing the weight of the earth from his head. Adi Sesha asked them to give them the merits they achieved through their Tapas and Satsang and it will help in relieving the weight.

Vishvamitra immediately gave the merits that he achieved from 100 years of his Tapas but Sesha was not relieved of the weight. Then he gave the merits that he achieved from 1000 years but with no result.

Then he said:”I offer the merits accrued during my entire life! Still, the burden was not relieved.

Then, Sage Vasishtha expressed His resolve, “I offer the merits accrued from twelve minutes of being in satsang, may the earth on Shesha’s head

The earth lifted immediately and Adi Sesha the serpent was relieved of the burden.

Vishvamitra understood the importance of Satsang and left.

My own teacher once suggested to me give satsang every day for at least the amount of minutes that match my age. That would be 47 minutes at the time of this recording.

Well actually, he suggested for me to work up to that and simple start every day talking to people. And I suggest the same to you as you start out.

And satsang can seem like a big lofty ideal but what I’m talking about here is developing your ability to talk to people every day with unconditional positive regard. To inspire and empower people by sharing your knowledge, your insights, your wisdom, your humour, your humanity.

Share a personal story that touches people’s hearts. What have you learned in life that can make a difference to someone else?

It can even be a brief simple conversation from human to human.

Get practical and make the first move in talking to people. Wherever you are learn how to connect and have a simple conversation.

And over time expand, compliment people, find out what is important to them and begin to create positive change. One conversation at a time.

Teach people what you know, share what you’ve learned.

It’s what I’m doing right now - albeit in writing.

Earlier today I went into town for lunch and I ran into a friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time. This person came up to me saying how much they were enjoying my podcast.

We had a lovely conversation catching up and at one point they asked why I was doing my podcast.

I explained that I as I’m traveling a lot and because of the kind of work I’m currently doing I’m not in front of a group of people every day anymore like I used to. And I missed sharing my message to groups of people and that’s why I started this podcast. So that I can share on a very regular basis and hopefully make a positive difference.

And each day I make a point of having several opportunities to share with the people around me.

You can too. Each day. Start a conversation and share, go make a difference. Be deliberate about it.

Start wherever you are and build and develop your skills and become a light to this world using your words.