As a changemaker what is it that you practice so that you’re more awakened to that part of life in which you’ll find your true strength and inspiration?

As a changemaker what is it that you practice so that you’re more awakened to that part of life in which you’ll find your true strength and inspiration?

What is it that you practice that lays a foundation from which you can lead others fearlessly and with an open heart?

For me, having been part of a yoga tradition for well over 20 years I’ve been practicing a whole range of yogic practices.

I’ve been practicing asana, which are physical movements to strengthen, balance and heal the body. These postures and movement sequences help improve posture, maintain and increase mobility, they help revitalise the body and bring physical ease into your life by releases physical and energetic blockages.

I’ve practiced prayanyama which are breathing techniques which directly influence the nervous system and the mind.  Working with the breath is incredibly powerful as a tool of transformation and it’s very direct, it creates change quickly.

I’ve been taught and have practiced mudras which are gestures using either the whole body or just the hands that affect the flow of subtle energy currents and are very potent in creating inner alchemy of change.

I’ve immersed myself in the wonderful world of ancient myths and stories found in the Vedic scriptures that contain poweful archetypal symbology that help the intuitive understanding of the deeper truths of life.

I’ve practiced meditation and contemplation, and on a daily basis and I engage with practices that attune myself to the elements and the rhythms of nature.

All of this combined weaves a beautiful tapestry of personal practice which creates profound transformation and helps me to step by step, moment by moment, experience more and more wellbeing as well as taste more and more of the essence of who and what I am.

And, it helps me to help others.

Now, this is what I have been taught and what I know.

This may seem like a lot, but actually it isn’t to me. This is me taking care of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health on a daily basis.

This is me being deliberate in finding a way to live without fear and with an open heart. This is about me uncovering the love and happiness that is already within me and helping others to do the same.

My question for you is:

What is it that YOU practice that helps you connect with the essence of who and what you are so that you’re connected with your true source of strength and wisdom?

There are many roads that lead to Rome and many paths that lead up the mountain.

What is important is that you find your way to systematically advance in your inner and outer journey of life so that you consistently continue to grow and evolve so that through your own insight and experience you can help others with their journey of awakening.

So, what do you do to develop your intuition?

What is it that you practice on a daily consistent bases that helps you bring change and the right inspiration to the people around you?

Every changemaker has four latent super powers and how well they are developed will determine to a big degree how successful you will be in enrolling people in the change you’re after.

Each of these four powers will grow stronger with regular practice. Once these powers begin to blossom into their full strength you’ll be a real change making super hero inspiring and empowering people creating positive change.

The more well developed these four powers are the greater your impact.

These four super powers are your four pillars of strength.

They are your support in bringing the four goals of life which I have discussed in previous posts alive.

And the first of these super powers is the power of your personal practice.

It is what you do on a regular daily bases which helps you set your mind in the right direction. It’s the practices you do that balance your emotions and infuse you with passion and enthusiasm for entering each day with full vigour. It’s the practices you do to charge your body with health, vitality and energy.

What do you do as a practice that fills your heart with joy and opens it up to the world with kindness and compassion?

Your personal practice is the key to becoming an attractive personality and a source of inspiration to others.

Your personal practice is about your own personal growth, your personal development and connection with your spiritual essence.

Your practice is your true north, your compass for the day, it’s that which helps you push your boat out in the right direction.

So, what could an impeccable practice in a day look like for you?

In my case, as I mentioned, I’ve got a yogic background, so a lot of my practices find their origin in Vedic and Yogic sciences. It includes meditation and mantra practices, and various other things I do.

That is what I’ve been taught and what I know, and what works really well for me.

For you it could be that, or something else.

A suggestion that I have is to be realistic about the time that you can commit to a personal practice.

I recommend that you begin by having one practice in the morning and one in the evening. One is about warming up and other is about cooling down. Sandwich your day with some moments in which you connect with your source of strength and insight.

What I found has worked well for me is to make sure that my practice does something for my mind, for my emotions, for my health, and that I set strong intentions not only for myself but also for the people around me, my peers, and those that I am working with as a coach or teacher.

Your future is your past redesigned in the present moment. What can you do in those moments of deliberate personal practice to design your destiny? And how can you use your practice to empower your whole day and set your mind free?

A well designed personal practice can be the one thing that creates a stable foundation within you of love and courage that helps you to remain stable no matter what is happening in your life.

And, as a changemaker how can you dedicate your personal practice to making a positive difference to the people around you?

Here’s a hint.

In my experience when I make my practice about more than just my own needs and my own peace, magic happens.

For example, if I work on my health and longevity not only for my own sake but because I know that I need that health to better be able to help others - a magical dimension is added to my practice and my life.

A different light, a different vibrancy, a different Grace lights my inner fire and helps me help others in their journey of living an awakened life.

In the next post we will be exploring the second change maker’s superpower.