So you want to improve your life.

In fact, you’ve got the strong ambition to create a life you love. A life so beautiful that you wake up every day enchanted with the prospect of having another chance of experiencing being alive to the fullest.

Yes! Living life with direction and intention aligned with your highest values. A life of profound meaning.

Starting each fresh new day with a strong sense of enthusiasm and passion for fulfilling your purpose – the reason you are on this planet.

Who wouldn’t want this, right?

However, you may be asking yourself as so many of us do…


“What can I do today to bring about positive and much-needed change?”

“I need change but how do I go about it while having to address my day to day challenges and realities of bills that need to be paid, negative people blasting my self-esteem, the care for my family members, my health issues, and all the other demands and requests placed on me? I’m sooo tired.”

Well, for your life to change the formula is actually quite simple.

Either something new comes into your life, or something new comes out of you.

Only one of these is within our control.

So, let’s explore what it takes to have something new come out of you so that your life starts to change in a delightful way.

Due to the nature of language and the written word, the main three following items are in list form while it actually is a holographic unit.

1. Right Knowledge and discernment

First, you need right knowledge. You need to be able to discern what to focus on and what actions to take.

At the foundation of that is knowing what you want. Emphasis here is on knowing what you DO want. Not so much on what you DON’T want.

I’m not surprised anymore, but still amazed, by how so many of my clients are very articulate in expressing what they don’t want but can’t initially clearly state what they do want.

Second, you need to act. It is as simple as that. For your life to change you need to take action.

If you go to bed tonight and you haven’t thought and done anything different today from yesterday and the days before, you’re not moving closer to crafting a life you love.

2. A calm and clear mind

To develop right knowledge and discernment you need to develop a calm clear mind.

Our minds are brilliant.

However, to tap into that brilliance of our minds they need to be given projects, things to do. And, they need to be clear and calm. This way our minds will be our friends.

This feeds off our previous item. Developing discernment and right knowledge so we can keep our minds engaged with the right projects and actions.

Of course, meditation is one of the most effective methods of cultivating a calm, clear mind. However, there is one more important thing that needs to be in place before you consider meditation. More about that in a moment.

3. Energy, enthusiasm, and engagement

The more energy you have, the more potential for change you have.

You want to be a game changer in your own and other people’s life? Make sure you bring lots of energy to the table!

Do you want to inspire yourself and others on an ongoing basis? (you will have to if you’re serious about changing your life for the better)

Then keep your enthusiasm kindled and alive. Enthusiasm has a half-life. It doesn’t last by itself. Therefore you need to devote energy to keeping your enthusiasm fresh and lively.

This all requires that you engage actively in generating energy, keeping your enthusiasm alive, cultivating a calm clear mind, and developing discernment and right knowledge.

Now, what is the one thing that can help you with all of this? What is that one easy step to help improve your life?

It is making ‘oscillation‘ your power word for the weeks and months to come.

I have noticed that most of my clients and students are missing one key life skill – the skill of oscillating between periods of intense work and periods of planned recovery.

Most have been working practically nonstop. Regardless of their situation and circumstances, they have been full of drive to achieve what life has been asking from them.

Whether they are actively pursuing change and creating a life of their dreams, being an awesome mom or dad, starting a new business, or simply coping with life as is for example, what most have in common is not enjoying the ride as much as they wished, or not as much as they once did.

They feel overwhelmed, often confused, and all want change.

Hence they reach out to me and ask for help.

Ask yourself. What does today’s world’s relentless pace do to our energy levels?

Do we really maximize our impact and our potential for change by nonstop effort?

As a mother are you really at your best if you never have a moment of pause to recover?

Oscillating between periods of intense output of energy and periods of planned recovery, in which you regenerate energy, is really the key to sustaining your performance in the long run. It also improves the quality of your life as you pursue your dreams and ambitions.

What do I mean with recovery? Relaxation and proper sleep.

Adequate recovery helps you build your energy levels, have a calm clear mind, and develop discernment.

Relaxation is a skill that with regular practice works like a trained muscle. You become better at it. You relax quicker and more profoundly.

Over time when you master relaxation you can even relax at will. You’ll need less time to get the adequate recovery that is so helpful to re-energize yourself and have a clear mind.

Proper and enough sleep is a high priority as part of your daily oscillation. Start with getting your sleep in order.

A very rewarding “aha” moment for people I work with is when after practicing relaxation on a regular and mostly planned basis, they experience a clearer mind, a renewed passion for their work and hobbies, and more energy to give to others.

They are often surprised that these results are experienced just in several days of strategic oscillation. Even greater is that they regain a sparkle in their eye and a drive to take responsibility for creating a life they love, and more often than not changing the world for the better.

So, embrace ‘oscillation’ as your power word for the weeks and months to come. Plan for moments of relaxation and get on top of your sleep.

Remember that the more energy you have, the more potential for change is available to you and the more energy you have to inspire change around you.