Have you ever missed a great opportunity by waiting too long before you took action?

In previous posts I have mentioned a quote from Anna Frank in which she says how wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to change the world.

I love this idea of not needing to wait to create change. Or in fact, I love the idea of not waiting before taking action. Any action, no matter how small.

The moment inspiration strikes, act on it.

Have you ever missed a great opportunity by waiting too long before you took action?

There was once a businessman who was doing all kinds of trades and his desire was to make as much money as possible.

One day, he heard a knock on his front door. He walked to the door wondering who was there unannounced and opened the door.

There was a man standing there with radiant eyes and an inviting warm presence. This man took a stone out of his pocket and gave it to the businessman.

Before the businessman could say anything the man said:  “Let me explain the power of this stone. Whenever you take this stone and touch it to metal, the metal will instantly turn into gold.”

“Now, I’m not giving you the stone,” he warned. “I’m just letting you use it for a while. One day, I will be here again to collect it. And when I do and ask for the stone you will have to give it back. There will be no negotiations. No extensions. No tomorrows. You will have to give it back.”

The businessman could not believe his such luck. Now he could be wealthy beyond his imagination. All he had to do was touch this stone to metal, and the metal would turn into gold.

He was filled with joy and happiness with all the possibility now available to him.

However, he was a businessman, and one who had pride in his ability to get good deals and not pay a penny more than necessary..

So he called to find out the price that metal was going for on the market. That day, the dealer said, “It’s a little expensive.” The price had gone up. So the businessman thought, “I will wait till the price comes down.” And so he waited.

Every day, he called again to see if the price of metal had come down. But every day, the price kept going higher and higher.

Then, one day, the businessman heard a knock on his door , and there was the man again. And the man said, “I want my stone back.”

Startled, the businessman said, “Just one second. I’ll see if I can find some metal somewhere in my house.”

But the man said, “No. Remember? This was our deal. I have come back, and you have to give me back my stone.” And the man took the stone and left.

Now, we all are regularly given stones that have the potential to turn things into gold if only we would use it before it is taken away again.

So, what are some examples of these magic stones you may recognise in your own life?

Intuition is one. That connection with that deep, pure, highest aspect of your mind. We all have been given the gift of intuition yet in a similar way in that a muscle suffers from atrophy when we don’t exercise it, our connection with our intuition suffers when we don’t heed its guidance in time.

Whenever our intuition speaks to us we’re meant to act on its prompting.

If we wait too long the window of opportunity will have passed and the potential that was available to us with that initial call of intuition is lost.

Over time our intuition will simply stop talking to us.

So, don’t wait and act as soon as you can when it speaks to you.

Meditation is an ideal practice to get access to your intuition but that is only half the story. Taking action on its prompting is equally important.

Another example is that of enthusiasm and being inspired. That is an energy that fuels you to have the motivation to act. It can be a like a wave that we catch which than propels us forward.

But, enthusiasm has a half life and if we don’t ride that wave while it’s present the hurdle to start something or do something only becomes bigger.

When you have an idea that inspires you, act on it straight away. In whatever form.

Mel Robbins speaks about the 5 seconds rule. If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it.

She says that the moment you feel an instinct or a desire to act on a goal or a commitment, use the Rule.

If you don’t, you will more than likely procrastinate and not change.

She makes the point that we need to learn to take action even when we don’t feel like it. Because, many things that are good for us we don’t feel like doing.

In the same way that the businessman got stuck in his pattern of trying to negotiate a better deal and spend less money instead of simply using the opportunity the stone offered straightaway we can get stuck in our patterns of perfectionism, fear and insecurities, laziness and what not.

Yet, we often do know what would be good for us but then don’t act. The trick for us to achieve more of what we really want is to not wait on taking action.

What are magic stones you have been given but haven’t capitalised on?

It may be useful for you to reflect on how often you do have a desire to act, but don’t. You receive an intuition, yet you don’t follow it up with immediate action?

What are stones you have received that were taken away from you before you tapped into its magic?

What are some stones you did use immediately and what change did it bring?

Amongst these stones there are a few that won’t be taken away from us as long as we use it by sharing its benefits with others.

I believe that ultimately nothing is given to us for just ourselves, everything is meant to be shared in one form or another.

An example of this that teachings we have received tend to stay with us when we pass them on. In many disciplines teaching is part of learning. As we teach others what we’ve learned we anchor those teachings within us and we usually gain a better understanding of what it is we’re learning.

When we receive wisdom and we keep it purely to ourselves we may find it won’t stay … or sit well within us.

Maybe another way of looking at this is that some stones are meant to be passed on. And while you may give that stone away, it’s blessing will stay with you.

So remember that your intuition only stays with you when you honour its promptings and remember the 5 second rule.

When the universe speaks to you, don’t wait, act.