You’re a changemaker. And you want to have an impact. Right?

Here are a few questions then. How much do you embody the change you’re after? Are you a role-model to the people you’re enrolling in that change? How well are you able to talk about it?

Because real impact happens when a group of people team up, wanting to change together.

As a changemaker, it’s your role, therefore, to involve people in the challenge that you’re solving.

How much will those people recognize that you’re the one who can help them? That you can teach them what they need to learn. That you can lead them and help them get organized.

You need to show up and let people know what you are about so that you can begin to enroll them in your vision.

In my experience, this requires two things. Self-awareness and the ability to inspire people through your words and actions.

Are you aware of how you show up?

People are always watching you. They notice how you carry and express yourself.

The levels of energy, enthusiasm, and engagement that you bring to your interactions with the people around you have a big impact on how they will feel about you and your ideas.

These are things that you can control and plan for. You are able to optimize your energy levels with the right habits and knowledge.

You maintain enthusiasm by being purposeful in how you interact with others. Plan for impact. Use all of your intelligence to make sure your interactions with others make a generous difference. Uplift people, inspire them and help them.

Give of yourself. In abundance.

At the same time, be willing to learn from people. I’m a strong believer that the universe speaks to us directly through other people. Ask questions and show interest in the people you encounter.

Each person you involve in your projects and plans has something to offer. Find out what it is. Draw their best out of them.

People support what they help create so include people in your visions and dreams. Ask them for their reflections, feedback, and contributions.

This all requires self-awareness.

How do you create more self-awareness? By paying attention to what you think, feel, say, and do.

Ask yourself questions.

Build in times of quiet contemplation. Learn to meditate.

Rate yourself regularly with the intention of showing up better every day. Even if it’s only 1%. Then, act, and implement change when needed.

Embrace the power of words.
Become obsessed with the power of words. Because when you share the right inspiration you attract people to you.

Move people’s hearts and direct their minds by communicating intelligently. Be aware of the words you use and how you express them.

Every time you speak, what you’re saying is reflecting what’s in your mind and emotions. The more whole and connected your feel inside, the more healing your words will be.

Therefore, make sure that you’ve got your own mental and emotional act together because your words are a prelude to your actions. They create your destiny.

I believe that to be a catalyst for meaningful change self-transformation is a prerequisite. Your thoughts, words, and actions need to realign so that you embody the change you want to see in the office, in your peers, or even in the world.

Because whether these changes are social-political, environmental, philosophical, business or team related, or for that matter any other kind of change, there is one common denominator in all of these. You.

Even if the only change you want to bring about is a change in yourself, you can use the power of words. Allow the words you utter to consistently reflect the change you’re after and your mind will follow suit in due course.

For example, if you want to cultivate more gratitude within yourself begin to express more gratitude. Start speaking about the concept of gratitude to others. Let people know you appreciate their friendship, their words, the time you spend together.

If you want to develop a culture of gratitude in your team lead by example. Express gratitude to your team and start giving genuine compliments. That will require for you to pay attention and seek out what to compliment on. The person or people on the receiving end of your compliments might just end up feeling grateful because they are seen and acknowledged.

When you’re working with your peers on a change don’t only look for the outcome out there in the world. Look for the transformation within each person as that will be the foundation for the change to happen.

Change requires self-transformation from each person involved. Listen to the words the people around you use. They are tell-tale signs of where they are at. As a consequence they're also an indicator where the overall process of change is at.

Use the power of the spoken word to lean into change. Your actions will follow.

One of my mentors taught me to go into nature and proclaim out loud not only what I’m grateful for but also what I want to manifest in the world. Guess what, it works. It feels mystical and it probably is. It does make a difference.

Speak, and speak often
As a changemaker show up by speaking and speaking often. Speak about change. Tell people about change, show them, and remind them.

Tell stories because stories are captivating. They help you grab people’s attention. Stories are transformative, create a connection between people and help give direction and focus to our minds.

Whenever you’re with people, speak with power and conviction and elevate the moment by the energy and engagement you bring to the conversation.

During a lunch, are you just idly chatting, or are you lifting the people around you up and making a positive difference? Are you purposely directing the conversation so it benefits everyone around you?

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you do all the talking. There’s an art to asking the right questions so that the best gets drawn out of people.

Train yourself to be able to talk with energy, purpose, and impact for longer periods of time. Remember that you’re after a change. This takes time. You can’t inspire people in 5 minutes.

Act congruently
Ultimately we demonstrate who we are not only through our words but also through our actions.

When you want to articulate to others who you are, allow your actions to speak volumes about what you believe in, what you stand for, and how you walk your talk.

Letting others know what you are about is more about showing up as you are then trying to influence how you want to be perceived.

Therefore the invitation is there for you to reinvent yourself every day to become the person who you want to be.

Create congruence in what you think, say, and do. That will bring a magnetic feel to you that will draw people to you and your ideas.

This requires self-awareness, thoughtful expression, and inspired action.

Now, go change the world and create positive impact by showing up fully, speaking about what is important to you and lead the way. You have this!