This post was originally published on the HuffingtonPost.

You don’t really know what you want. You are constantly second-guessing yourself. Is my job right for me? Am I in the right relationship? What if I am meant to be doing something else?

This not knowing and doubting is confusing and you feel stressed and anxious.

Ever been there? Sounds familiar?

It is not that you aren’t trying and doing your best to make things work. You do.

Yet, you still find it hard to enjoy yourself and be happy — and you feeling this way is likely not only affecting yourself but also people around you.

Chances are that you are simply not asking yourself the right questions and that you are failing to appreciate the good things that are already in your life.

The cool thing is that you can change this quickly. More clarity, confidence, and enthusiasm is easily achieved by simply shifting your perception.

Because the changes that matter most are often changes of perception rather than changes in the world around us.

And we can change the way we perceive the world and ourselves in a heartbeat – through asking ourselves the right questions.

By asking yourself the right questions in the right way you build that connection with yourself.

That is how you create more clarity.

People who are confident and able to make things happen for themselves and others are those people who are very clear on WHO they are, WHAT they want, and HOW they want to RELATE to the people around them.

For the next three days ask yourself the following three questions every day

What do I want to let go of in life?
What do I want to keep in my life?
What do I want to invite into my life?
When you take the time and ask yourself these questions focus initially more on qualities within you and your habits.

This has two reasons:

Your inner qualities, habits and behaviours are within your control to change – other people’s not so much.
Changing your perception is an internal process

You’ll find that through reflection on these questions regularly you start to think, feel, and act differently – for the better.

When change starts to happen inside of you this is reflected not only by how you feel but also by changes in the world outside of you.

People start to respond differently to you. Different opportunities start to present themselves.

You uplevel your life by taking consistent positive action and interact with people and the world from a place of knowing who you are, knowing what it is you want and knowing how you want to relate to the people around you.

Let’s take a closer look at these questions.

What do I want to let go of in life?

Is there any quality that you want to let go off? Impatience maybe? The tendency to quickly make assumptions and jump to conclusions? Laziness?

What habits are holding you back? Is the way you eat serving you? What about your sleep habits? Do you hydrate enough?

What do I want to keep in my life?

This is a lovely question to look at all the good in your life. And, if unexamined it also reveals what it is you may have been taking for granted.

This question is what leads to cultivating gratitude and appreciation. Two things when present within you are said to lead to a heightened sense of happiness.

Reviewing your life and circumstances and consciously looking for what is already in place and working for you on a regular basis is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

Cultivate the feeling and experience of gratitude. Above all, express it!

Share your gratitude with people, write it in a journal or go do a happy dance outside. – don’t keep it only in your mind.

Try it, you’ll like it.

What do I want to invite into my life?

It is tempting to default to what external things you want to invite into your life. Better job, more money, the right partner, etc.

Nothing wrong with that in itself. However, start and really spend time first reviewing what internal things you want to invite into your life.

More health? More acceptance? Confidence? Kindness to yourself and the people around you?

What habits will enrich your life?

Want to feel loved more? Then love more! Remember that love is something that needs to be expressed. What you give is what you receive.

For the next three days focus on the internal things that will help you most.

The more beautiful your inner world becomes the more beauty the outer world will reflect back to you.

The bridge between both are your perception and the actions you take.

Final step — the key to success

Always, and I mean always! Always create a plan to make your answers to the questions actionable. Act on your insights!

Be persistent in finding ways on how you can practically follow up on your answers.

Put your clarity into action!